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Time Finance plc

“The initial workshop has been extremely valuable for Time Finance, not only in identifying some great initiatives that we can move forward on but also in helping us recognise the fantastic work we already do. 

The report which followed shortly after the workshop helps to break down and simplify the challenges ahead whilst also providing a targeted plan to work towards. Time Finance is set for success and Sustainable X is helping us achieve it.”

Amthal Fire and Security

“I personally found the entire experience inspiring, extremely interesting and educational. It was surprised by how much we can gain as a business from making even more positive social and environmental impacts.  

Even though we discussed all the positive impacts we already make on the day, it was still great to see them in black and white in your report.  It’s a great  framework for us to use going forward.”


“The process with Sustainable X has helped us structure what we are already doing on sustainability, and given us a framework to structure and progress our efforts.

By understanding and measuring the impacts of our business, we can benchmark our performance and demonstrate our improvements over time to  employees, customers, investors and suppliers. 

Collaboration with our stakeholders is key to us making increasingly positive impacts, and we would recommend Sustainable X to any manufacturer who want to accelerate their sustainability progress.”


“We’re a young business with very high aspirations for the impact we can deliver through our work. We had been looking for a framework to help us structure those goals and stretch us to deliver more, and Sustainable X more than delivered that. 


“Sustainable X have helped us to clearly see where we are and to define the steps we need to take to get to where we want to go. The process has been invaluable, and the Sustainable X team have been a joy to work with throughout. Not only are we now better able to explain to others what we are doing, but—more importantly—we are in a better position to win more of the work that we want to be doing.”

Hadron International

“It was a pleasure to take part in the workshop, and we immediately had great ideas to takeaway and items to implement.  The action plan we subsequently built with Sustainable X will help us really push this agenda in our sector. “

Mama Bamboo

“Thank you for spending your time with us and doing such a great job getting all our achievements and opportunities out of us and into some form of structure on paper. It will be immensely helpful to us to be able to have a proper sustainability policy and a set of goals for further development. We often struggle to talk about our sustainable stuff in a really coherent way.”

DJs Play

I had a great experience with the Sustainable X workshop, with my management team.  It has changed both my personal perspective on “what is sustainability?” in such a positive way already. 

I have been able to apply the report and learnings, with a broader understanding to include economy and society rather than just the environment.   The experience with Sustainable X from start to finish was faultless. Very informative and really made me think about possible scenarios, particularly for the team and the customer

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